A complex strata management solution that simplifies the process for our client

Being a committee member on a body corporate of any type of strata scheme can be very rewarding but also frustrating. You have the inside information on what needs to be done and how to continually improve the property, however you are also burdened with dispute resolutions, getting damaged areas fixed, ongoing maintenance and other issues that arise within a strata scheme setting.

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ASSM fosters long-term relationships

Jason Mak is a long-term client of ASSM’s. He’s an astute investor with nine properties within varied stratas and locations managed by All Suburbs Strata Management. Jason is on the committee of all the body corporates in which he has an interest and is not backward in coming forward.

“I’ve been investing in property for the past 20 years and have built a portfolio of properties including units and flats that are managed under strata schemes. It is important for me that my tenants are well looked after and that the buildings are properly managed, well maintained and issues are resolved quickly and fairly for all parties,” says Jason.

Burning cars in a parking

Taking care of everything

Jason’s first experience with All Suburbs Strata Management dates back two decades. His first investment property was located in a complex managed by ASSM. Not long after taking possession, a fire broke out in the underground car park. Jason had taken a place on the committee but was new to the way strata management worked and the roles and responsibilities of the committee and the strata manager.

“When the fire happened, naturally it was a little chaotic and the first thing we did was make sure everybody living in the building was safe. Thankfully nobody was hurt; however, there was significant damage to the property.

I was unsure of what needed to be done and had no relationship with the strata management team at that time. As soon as the car park was assessed, the strata manager acting for ASSM convened a meeting and set out a clear plan for the repair and clean-up. She let us know what was going to happen and when. ASSM took care of the insurance claim, managed the trades and communicated with the owners, the owner occupiers and the tenants. I was very impressed with the way it was handled,” says Jason.

It was this experience that set up a long-term relationship between ASSM and Jason, and as the years have rolled on and he has built his property investment portfolio. He has recommended ASSM to all the strata schemes he is now involved in.

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Feedback is highly valued by the ASSM team

Having a client like Jason makes us a better strata management team. He is a fantastic advocate for ASSM, however he will let us know when he is not satisfied with our service. Feedback is important to us and you don’t know what you don’t know. Having a client like Jason who is willing to voice his concerns is a huge advantage to the ASSM team.

“ I have dealt with a number of strata management firms over my time. Some are very good and others are not. ASSM does listen and does take action.

No one is perfect, including me; however, in a relationship, communication and honesty are very important. I have found I can voice my concerns and the team at ASSM will take them seriously and help find a solution that works for everyone. A good strata manager will work with you and think outside the box. They will also provide professional advice when your idea falls outside the by-laws or affects a bigger picture you have not considered. This is a strength of ASSM that I appreciate,” says Jason.

There is always room for improvement and ASSM takes the feedback from clients seriously. We view feedback as an excellent tool for continued improvement and another way we can work harmoniously with our clients for the best outcome.

Let us help you

Our strata services are the most professional and comprehensive available in Australia. We offer our services throughout New South Wales with mobile and experienced strata managers who know the industry inside and out. We make it our promise to communicate reliably and timely offering you a stress-free experience. We know now two strata schemes are the same, that is why we take the time to get to know your needs and our strata managers are long-term relationship builders.

ASSM’s expertise in the relevant strata management acts in New South Wales is critical to the successful management of strata management schemes. Don’t leave your legal obligations to chance, employ professional oversight and protect the integrity of your strata scheme.

Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion. You’ll notice the difference from the very first call.

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Complex strata management that simplifies the process for our client

“I have found that I can voice my concerns, and the team at All Suburbs will take them seriously and help find a solution that works for everyone.”