Strata management services - what should I expect from a strata management company?

If you are part of a strata scheme’s owners corporation or serve on a strata committee, you will understand the importance of effective strata management. Strata management services are designed to streamline the day-to-day operations of a strata scheme, ensuring compliance with regulations, maintaining common areas, managing finances and fostering positive relationships within the community. But what exactly should you expect from a strata management company?

At All Suburbs Strata Management, our team has over 35 years of experience in residential strata management in Sydney and on the Central Coast. Our professional services ensure all aspects of your strata are carefully and systematically handled for long-term success. We understand your pain points and have created strategies that put you back in control. Here is what you need to know.

Comprehensive financial management

A reputable strata management company should offer comprehensive financial management services tailored to each strata scheme’s unique needs. Such services include budget preparation, levy collection, invoice payment, financial reporting and audit coordination.

Transparent financial management is essential, so you should expect detailed statements providing insight into the strata scheme’s financial health. Additionally, the strata manager should be proactive in identifying cost-saving opportunities and ensuring compliance with relevant financial regulations.

ASSM provides a complete suite of financial management structures and procedures for various types of strata management schemes, including residential, community, commercial and industrial properties. Our advanced financial management systems utilise cutting-edge technology and expertise, guaranteeing the highest level of integrity.

Effective compliance and legislation oversight

Navigating the complex landscape of strata legislation and compliance requirements can be daunting, but a proficient strata management company will handle this aspect with ease. From ensuring adherence to the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 to overseeing compliance with local regulations and bylaws, your strata manager should demonstrate a thorough understanding of legal obligations. Regular updates on legislative changes and proactive measures to address compliance issues should be standard practice.

Each strata scheme is unique, including individual bylaws and intricacies in defining common property, often influenced by the building’s historical alterations. Owners corporations must adhere to legal obligations to avoid risks from outdated knowledge. While some may opt for self-management, more often than not, they lack expertise in the technicalities. This can lead to overwhelming challenges in maintenance, repairs, compliance, dispute resolution and financial management.

Strata compliance is our forte at ASSM. Don’t leave your legal obligations to chance. Our strata managers provide meticulous advice and guidance on building assurance, common areas and other compliance needs, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.

Proactive maintenance and responsive repairs

Repairs and maintenance are critical aspects of strata management, directly impacting the property’s value, safety and livability. A good, reliable strata management company should use initiative when coordinating repairs and maintenance tasks to ensure common areas are clean and tidy and issues are promptly resolved. They will offer timely communication that fosters a stress-free experience.

Maintenance and repair tasks include regular inspections, obtaining competitive quotes for repair work and overseeing contractors to guarantee quality outcomes. At ASSM, we have a wide array of qualified tradespeople for emergency repairs. Our long-standing relationships ensure reliable service. All trades are fully certified, insured and vetted for your security.

Transparent communication, dedicated support

Clear and open communication is fundamental to a successful strata management partnership. You should expect your strata manager to provide regular updates on relevant matters, respond promptly to inquiries and concerns and facilitate effective communication between stakeholders. Whether it’s via email, phone calls or in-person meetings, the strata manager should be accessible and approachable.

Additionally, transparent communication regarding financial matters, meeting agendas and decision-making processes fosters trust and ensures that all stakeholders are well-informed.

Exceptional customer service should be a cornerstone of any reputable strata management company. From providing guidance on strata-related queries to offering support during emergencies, your strata manager should demonstrate a commitment to meeting your needs and addressing your concerns.

Why choose All Suburbs Strata Management?

Choosing the right strata management company is crucial for the effective operation of your scheme, and if you aren’t satisfied with your current arrangement, changing strata managers is easy.

At All Suburbs Strata Management, our seasoned team ensures seamless strata management. We also specialise in developer services, strata reports and dispute resolution, offering a comprehensive strata management solution.

We have over 35 years of industry experience covering all suburbs in Sydney, and we are experts in residential, community, commercial and industrial strata schemes.

Contact us to learn more about what to expect from a strata management company or to start the process of changing strata managers today.

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