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Understanding all the obligations and responsibilities can be an exhausting task when you are a member of a strata scheme. At, ASSM we are an experienced strata management team for all schemes. Our strata managers have expert knowledge and remain ahead of the curve regarding compliance, legislation changes, insurance knowledge, and relationship building.

“I was new to strata management when I bought my property. I went to a general meeting and somehow ended up on the committee without fully understanding what was required and how the whole process worked. That was four years ago, and through my dealings with Ana and Veronica from ASSM, I now feel I have a pretty good level of expertise,” says Sharlene Maree Glennie, strata committee member.

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ASSM makes a considered effort to ensure all our clients have access to the most up to date information. We empower our strata managers to resolve issues. They make decisions and by putting the interest of their clients first they ensure they build long-lasting, constructive relationships.

“We have been with ASSM for the past four years. I have been very impressed with the high standard of communication and service we have experienced from our strata managers. Questions are answered quickly, resources are easily accessible, and repair and maintenance needs are properly and timely actioned,” says Sharlene.

The pandemic was a challenging time for everybody. Living in proximity to other people and with a great deal of uncertainty, an anxiety evident on a daily basis, the role of strata managers needed to diversify. Repairs and maintenance issues still needed attention, issues within strata schemes needed to be addressed and disputes required an experienced and empathetic ear to ensure they could be resolved successfully.

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“During the lockdowns, our strata manager was always contactable and able to coordinate works very safely. It was a highly emotional time for many of the property owners, and small things did become magnified quickly under lockdown conditions. ASSM was acutely aware of the added tensions and needs of our members and was extremely diligent with responses and providing accurate and honest information. They understood the personalities within our strata and knew how to successfully manage disputes for positive outcomes. It was their personal approach that made a great deal of difference to the owners and tenants,” Sharlene comments.

The most common occurrence in strata schemes is the issue of repairs and maintenance. Damaged property is not only frustrating, but poorly maintained sites can also be dangerous and have compromised security.

ASSM has a proven track record in handling all sorts of repairs and maintenance issues. From blocked drains to major construction works, our dedicated team has a thorough understanding of the insurance market, what is and is not covered, and how to financially plan for major works.

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“We did experience an issue with an insurance claim for the front entry gate that had been damaged. Initially, the strata committee made the request directly to the insurance company, which didn’t end well. The insurance company did their best to short cut the claim and not fix the issue properly. I then contacted Ana, our strata manager, and asked for her assistance. She took over the communication and correspondence with the insurance company and successfully negotiated an outcome that saw the gate fixed properly. In hindsight, we should have contacted her in the first instance, and going forward I will do so if necessary.

ASSM has been fantastic to work with. They do what they say they will do, and their communication and responsiveness are always excellent. Their administration systems are very good, and you can always access information when you need it. Whenever I have been unsure of something I have been able to call Ana and get the appropriate and accurate information,” says Sharlene.

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Sharlene’s story is not an isolated one. Often strata schemes face challenges when dealing with insurance claims.  It is our expertise and experience that ensures insurance and other issues that can arise, are handled professionally and in a timely manner.  We know no two strata schemes are the same, we take the time to get to know your needs and it is why our strata managers are long-term relationship builders.

ASSM’s strata management expertise in the relevant strata acts in New South Wales is critical to the successful management of strata management schemes. Don’t leave your legal obligations to chance, employ professional oversight and protect the integrity of your strata scheme.

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“We have been with ASSM for the past four years. I have been very impressed with the high standard of communication and service we have experienced.”

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