Strata Management Articles

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Our Areas of Expertise

All Suburbs Strata Management is a specialist manager across all strata portfolios. Residential, community, commercial and industrial, our expertise is built on longevity, advanced systems, prompt communication and client services that set new benchmarks in the strata management industry.


Units, villas and townhouses can all form part of an owners corporation. Our strata managers possess high-level expertise in the intricacies and legalities of residential strata management.


Community strata scheme legislation can be grey. Skilled, professional community strata management requires expertise, knowledge and highly developed negotiation skills.


Commercial strata management requires a steady hand, a professional approach and highly skilled managers who know the ins and outs of commercial strata schemes.


When your strata scheme includes factories and other industrial buildings, you need ASSM’s industrial strata management expertise: legal, compliance and financial structures that work.