Successful Strata Dispute Resolution

Professional and proactive dispute resolution ensures the harmony and successful management of strata schemes. It is our experience and knowledge that enable us to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently.

Types of strata disputes

Strata complexes are very popular with investors. Most investor sales in Sydney alone involve strata properties. Disputes are common and can take on a number of different forms. They can arise simply due to living proximity, however more serious disputes often occur due to a breach in responsibility from one or a number of strata owners. These can relate to unpaid levies or non-compliance with the scheme’s by-laws.

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Disputes arise from:

  • Noise, smoking, pets and parking
  • Damage to individual titles and or common areas
  • Building defects
  • Rule changes
  • Renovations carried out on individual lots
  • Ineffective strata management.

In the majority of disputes, our strata managers have the experience and industry knowledge to facilitate successful resolutions. Through open communication and calm, positively focused dialogue, our professionalism enables us to direct an outcome that is satisfactory for all concerned without the issue escalating unnecessarily.

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Dispute procedures that are effective

ASSM ensures we maintain a robust and effective set of dispute resolution procedures that enable the resolution of disputes through process rather than emotion. We tightly align our dispute resolution process with the existing strata by-laws applicable to the strata scheme. By maintaining a dispute resolution procedural register, owners access the procedures at any time and make either a formal or informal request to the strata manager for assistance. All disputes are handled in confidence, and it is very rare for a dispute to escalate beyond internal mediation.

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When disputes escalate

In the rare instance when complainants cannot resolve their disputes through dialogue, they can request third-party mediation. Independent mediation can be a very successful mechanism to achieve successful resolution. The office of Fair Trading NSW provides free mediation services.

Our strata managers can assist with coordinating independent dispute resolution.

Tribunal hearings

If mediation is not successful, complainants can apply to NCAT (NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal) to bring the complaint before a tribunal hearing for a definitive decision.

In some instances, issues must have undergone formal mediation prior to the application to NCAT. The tribunal process is generally a public hearing, depending on state or federal health orders (e.g. for COVID-19). An applicant can request a hearing by phone or present their case in writing. A tribunal’s ruling is final.

Further information on strata dispute resolution processes is available at Fair Trading NSW.

ASSM’s experienced strata managers can be a very helpful resource when you require advice or clarification regarding the legislation.

Let us help you

Our strata management services are the most professional and comprehensive available in NSW. We offer our services with mobile and experienced strata managers who know the industry inside out.

ASSM’s expertise in strata management sees the majority of disputes resolved at the initial stage. It is our highly effective communication and mediation skills that ensure our portfolio of strata schemes runs smoothly and harmoniously.

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