We Are Strata Compliance Experts

All strata schemes need expert compliance management to ensure they meet the legal, financial and regulatory obligations of all relevant New South Wales legislation and strata acts. At ASSM we are strata compliance experts.

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Building compliance is essential to safety and enjoyment

The requirements for owners corporations to ensure building compliance have advanced significantly over the years. The safety of the building is of utmost consideration within residential, community and neighbourhood, commercial and industrial strata schemes. At ASSM we are strata compliance experts with a comprehensive knowledge of the Strata Schemes Management Act – 2015.

Our strata managers offer detailed advice and guidance when it comes to assurance of the buildings, common areas and other associated compliance requirements.

Who is responsible? It can be complicated.

No two strata schemes are the same. Most have their own set of by-laws and, depending on the building’s history and previous renovations, determining what is and is not regarded as common property can be complicated.

Owners corporations must act dutifully and legally at all times, and without up-to-date knowledge, owners may find themselves unwittingly exposed.

It is the experience and expertise of ASSM’s team that ensure we keep all members of the owners corporation informed of their obligations and protected under the Strata Schemes Management Act – 2015.

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Interpreting the acts

There are currently a number of strata management acts in New South Wales. Owners corporations have quite a lot of obligations under these various acts. Each state has varying interpretations; however, in New South Wales the four primary legislation pieces are:

  • Strata Schemes Management Act 2015
  • Strata Schemes Development Act 2015
  • Strata Schemes Management Regulations 2016
  • Strata Schemes Management Amendment (Sustainability Infrastructure) Act 2021

At ASSM we are experts in interpreting the compliance requirements and obligational hierarchy under the acts and providing professional and accurate information to the strata schemes under our management.

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Don’t get caught out

Some owners corporations endeavour to self-manage the strata scheme. Whilst this can be a successful strategy when there is a sufficient level of management expertise existing within an executive, more often than not the expertise does not extend to the technicalities of compliance and obligation requirements. Issues including building maintenance, repairs and compliances, fire and safety regulations, dispute handling, levy collection, AGM, insurance and financial management can become overwhelming.

Interpreting the relevant acts and staying abreast of updated amendments is time consuming and confusing, and owners corporations should not leave this to chance. Employing professional and qualified strata management experts is more than having peace of mind – it ensures your legal and compliance protection.

Let us help you

Our strata management services are the most professional and comprehensive available in NSW. We offer our services throughout with mobile and experienced strata managers who know the industry inside out.

ASSM’s expertise in the relevant strata management acts in New South Wales is critical to the successful management of strata management schemes. Don’t leave your legal obligations to chance; employ professional oversight and protect the integrity of your strata scheme.

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Case Studies - Proof of Exceptional Outcomes

Don’t just take our word for it. Our clients stay with All Suburbs Strata Management for several reasons. We think it is because we work hard every day to ensure our clients don’t need to.

How ASSM’s expertise helped our residential scheme client

“As a committee, we were very confident with ASSM from the start. Their communication has always been fast, responsive and professional.”

How ASSM does the heavy lifting for a strata committee member

“We have been with ASSM for the past four years. I have been very impressed with the high standard of communication and service we have experienced.”

Complex strata management that simplifies the process for our client

“I have found that I can voice my concerns, and the team at All Suburbs will take them seriously and help find a solution that works for everyone.”