'tis the season for consideration: strata Christmas party etiquette

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Amidst twinkling lights, the sound of carols and other festive delights, you’re probably making a list and checking it twice for your holiday gathering. However, navigating strata Christmas party etiquette requires more than a Santa hat and a plate of cookies. Celebration season is upon us, and you might be wondering how to keep your community living situation cheerful and bright.

To ensure a harmonious celebration, it’s essential to be well-versed in the strata-specific regulations for parties and noise in NSW, host a party that is considerate of neighbours and aligns with strata guidelines and be able to proactively and amicably resolve disputes during the festive season.

At ASSM, we have over 40 years of strata management expertise. That includes over 40 very merry Christmases. Unwrap the gift of impeccable holiday manners this season with our comprehensive guide.

Strata-specific party regulations in NSW

While the regulations on holiday celebrations, or parties in general, in NSW vary depending on the by-laws of the strata scheme, they do have standard considerations such as noise, common area usage, guest parking, rubbish disposal and strata committee approval. Some strata by-laws may limit the number of guests and specify the hours for holding parties.

The noise regulations in NSW that apply to neighbourhoods also extend to strata properties. Excessive noise that disrupts neighbours can result in complaints and potential fines.

Therefore, it’s crucial to exercise caution regarding noise levels, particularly during early morning and late evening hours. This is arguably the most significant regulation to keep in mind.

Living in a strata community means living in close proximity to neighbours. Therefore, considerate behaviour and adherence to community regulations are essential to festive season peace. It’s always good to go the extra mile, too. If you have guests who smoke, be aware that it may drift and impact your neighbours. Err on the cautious side of regulations to ensure you never cross the line.

Hosting a strata-friendly festive gathering

The first step in your holiday party planning should be to check with your strata committee or strata manager for specific rules and regulations applicable to your strata scheme.

Some of the factors you’ll need to consider include:

  • Noise regulation – know the rules and be mindful of noise levels during the party. Failure here can result in complaints and fines.
  • Common area usage – Understand the rules surrounding common areas and gatherings. Are there any associated costs or time restrictions?
  • Guest parking – If your strata scheme has limited parking spaces, ensure your guests follow the parking rules and don’t inconvenience other residents.
  • Waste disposal – You must properly and responsibly dispose of party-related waste. Check the regulations, especially if you have bulky items left.
  • Notify the neighbours – Whether it’s regulation or not, it’s polite to give the neighbours a heads up. Good communication can prevent disagreements and promote harmony.
  • Strata committee approval – For larger gatherings or use of common areas, it’s advisable to seek approval from the strata committee or body corporate to ensure you align with regulations and by-laws.

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