Seasonal maintenance tips for strata buildings

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As seasons shift, so do the needs of our homes and properties, including units, townhouses and villas. The seasonal maintenance requirements of strata buildings vary but allow them to uphold their integrity and functionality while appearing pristine and inviting all year round.

At All Suburbs Strata Management, with over 40 years of experience in residential strata management, we understand the significance of proactive care for strata properties throughout the changing seasons. From landscaping and gardening to HVAC upkeep and fire safety, we recognise that each season brings its own set of maintenance tasks. Here’s a guide for strata residents and managers to ensure their properties remain in top condition.

In autumn

As Australia embraces autumn, it’s crucial to be ready for the cooler months, prioritising comfort, safety and efficiency. With temperatures decreasing, servicing heating systems becomes paramount for winter readiness. Additionally, consider replacing air filters and enlisting a professional technician to inspect and clean the HVAC system.

Autumn may usher in heavy rain, storms and other inclement weather conditions, highlighting the importance of cleaning gutters and drains to avert water buildup and potential flooding. Securely store and shield outdoor furniture, barbecues and equipment to prevent damage.

With daylight hours shortening, exterior lighting plays a vital role in property safety and security. Verify the functionality of all exterior lighting fixtures, including pathway lights, security lights and porch lights. Swap out any burnt-out bulbs with energy-efficient LED alternatives to cut electricity expenses and enhance evening illumination.

Finally, consider scheduling an inspection of the insulation. Search for signs of wear, moisture damage or pest infestations that could undermine its effectiveness. Arrange necessary repairs or replacements, as this will enhance energy efficiency and ensure consistently cozy indoor temperatures throughout winter.

In winter

A Sydney winter brings its own set of challenges requiring a tailored maintenance approach. In anticipation of potentially heavy rain, develop a plan to keep pathways, driveways and car parks clear and safe for residents and visitors by ensuring proper drainage and addressing any water pooling issues.

As we spend more time indoors during winter, it’s an ideal time to arrange for window cleaning, enabling residents to enjoy the views offered by their strata property fully. Additionally, strata residents should consider deep cleaning their individual units to mitigate the accumulation of dust and mould, especially during this particularly damp time of year.

Other interior maintenance tasks involve checking for drafts around doors and windows and sealing any gaps found. This helps improve energy efficiency and maintains a comfortable indoor environment.

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In spring

Spring is often associated with cleaning and inspection. After three months of cooler weather and before the potentially scorching Sydney summer arrives, it’s practical to schedule inspections of the roof and gutters for any damage or debris accumulation, as well as inspections of exterior walls to ensure structural integrity. Be sure to check for cracks, holes or signs of damage and arrange for any necessary repairs promptly.

If you didn’t complete HVAC servicing before winter, schedule it in spring before the summer months, when it will likely be working double overtime.

For landscaping maintenance, trim trees, bushes and shrubs to prevent obstruction of pathways or damage to the building. Spring is the perfect time for planting and mulching to enhance the appearance of the residential strata building.

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In summer

As early summer approaches, it’s crucial to implement pest control measures to prevent infestations proactively. Schedule pest control treatments and carefully seal all entry points to your property, safeguarding against unwanted intruders.

Now that the weather has improved take the opportunity to enjoy your balcony with its beautiful view, but first, conduct a thorough inspection for any safety hazards. Repair or replace any damaged surfaces promptly. Clean your windows and screens for better visibility and airflow, and replace any broken seals or screens.

For strata managers, it’s imperative to ensure that common outdoor areas are inspected before summer activities begin.

This season also calls for checking on fire alarms, extinguishers and emergency exits to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Why choose All Suburbs Strata Management?

Regular maintenance is vital for protecting the value and safety of residential strata buildings. While maintenance tasks may vary slightly throughout the seasons, it’s important to remember that being proactive is always beneficial, regardless of the time of year.

Some items and amenities require year-round maintenance, like recreational facilities such as gyms, pools and tennis courts. Your needs will depend on your individual strata scheme.

At ASSM, we have over 40 years of experience in strata management, covering all suburbs in Sydney, and we are experts in residential, community, commercial and industrial strata schemes. We also assist developers in preparing for registration and provide strata reports and inspections. We offer a proactive approach to strata maintenance and repairs, ensuring building and common area safety.

We will ensure your strata scheme runs as smoothly as possible. When considering buying into a strata scheme or wanting to engage a professional and qualified team, contact ASSM today.

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