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When you belong to a residential strata scheme that includes villas, units or townhouses, it is critical that you understand your responsibilities and obligations. We’re experts in residential strata management.

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Expertise you can trust

Belonging to a residential strata scheme is a worthy and fruitful experience. Whether the property is a source of future-proofing, a stepping stone, where you live or you are part of an owners corporation responsible for the building and its common property, ASSM is the trusted expert in residential strata management.

Our licensed and qualified strata managers build their relationships on expertise, trust and transparency. Our clients trust us to manage their properties with responsibility and knowledge that ensure peace of mind.

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Know your residential strata scheme by-laws

A set of rules governs each residential strata scheme, set out as an agreement to ensure the smooth running of the strata. These are known as by-laws. By-laws can vary between schemes and they depend on when your strata was registered.

A key function of quality strata management services is to have a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the by-laws relevant to individual residential strata schemes. ASSM licensed strata managers keep abreast of any and all compliance and legislative amendments and any changes made to the by-laws by the owners corporation.

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Common property and shared facilities

Residential strata schemes will have common property. Common property refers to all the land and buildings not included in any lot. This also includes shared facilities such as tennis courts, gyms, swimming pools and other recreational areas that may exist.

Common property and shared facilities are jointly owned, and the owners corporation is responsible for the management of these areas.

There are a number of considerations within common property and shared facility management that require expert residential strata management. ASSM has the expertise and experience to mitigate risk and ensure that the owners corporation fully observes all responsibilities and obligations.

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Unparalleled service and communication

At ASSM, our 40 years’ experience successfully managing residential strata schemes have taught us that service and communication make the difference. Our licensed strata managers are committed to building long-term relationships that ensure our clients can pick up the phone with total confidence.

We are committed to proactive management, and providing superior client service is what sets ASSM apart. We listen and we action requests without delay.

We communicate openly and promptly to ensure we keep our clients informed of the progress and outcome of any issue. Our strata managers are mobile, friendly and highly effective communicators with a commitment to elite customer service that other companies cannot match.

Let us help you

At ASSM we are highly experienced and licensed residential strata management experts. Our strata managers are long-term relationship builders with a commitment to customer service and client satisfaction. We are mobile, offering our services throughout New South Wales. We make it our promise to communicate reliably and timely, offering you a stress-free experience.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Our clients stay with All Suburbs Strata Management for several reasons. We think it is because we work hard every day to ensure our clients don’t need to.

How ASSM’s expertise helped our residential scheme client

“As a committee, we were very confident with ASSM from the start. Their communication has always been fast, responsive and professional.”

How ASSM does the heavy lifting for a strata committee member

“We have been with ASSM for the past four years. I have been very impressed with the high standard of communication and service we have experienced.”

Complex strata management that simplifies the process for our client

“I have found that I can voice my concerns, and the team at All Suburbs will take them seriously and help find a solution that works for everyone.”