How ASSM’s expertise helped our residential scheme client

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Kevin Spring is on the committee of a reasonably large 104 residential lot scheme in Sydney’s northern suburbs. The scheme encompasses a number of stakeholders from owner occupiers to tenants and investments. The site includes prominent areas of common property, car parks, landscaped zones, balustrades and walkways. With a high volume of traffic, the entire site encompasses many moving parts.

After a number of years with another management company and a tricky unresolved legal dispute with the developer, the committee contacted All Suburbs Strata Management.

“We’ve been with All Suburbs Strata Management for the past six years. The committee made the decision to move after a number of disappointing years with our previous management company.

The conversation about switching management companies only arises when members make consistent complaints that go unattended and aren’t resolved satisfactorily. It becomes incumbent upon the committee to make the necessary changes to ensure the strata is running harmoniously. As a committee, we understand that it is not an easy job; however, for us the lack of communication was the biggest pain point,” says Kevin Spring, committee member.

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ASSM has had a long and successful history managing all types of strata management schemes, big and small. Our focus is always on maintaining transparent and constructive conversations with our clients. Quality communication is essential in any successful relationship, and when a committee representing the interests of a number of various stakeholders is involved, it is critical to ensure all communication is timely and responsive.

“When we first contacted ASSM it was clear that they valued communication and honesty. Their representative, Rebecca, was professional and transparent from the first meeting. She outlined ASSM’s benefits and explained in layman’s language what our options were and how ASSM would manage our strata. It never felt like a sales pitch, and our committee felt reassured and heard,” says Kevin.

As a management firm, we are aware that committees will shop around. We know that on occasion our own clients will do the same. We never promote being the cheapest option, but rely on our service levels, expertise and relationships to keep not only our clients but also our amazing strata managers.

“Naturally, we engaged a number of firms before deciding on ASSM. Cost was a consideration and ASSM was not the cheapest option, but nor were they on the upper tier of fees. The service levels and access to necessary content outweighed the cheaper option and we didn’t see any additional value in the more expensive management companies,” says Kevin.

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ASSM accesses a network of trade professionals, dedicated to our business and our clients. Our highly developed systems and long-term relationships ensure our trades network remains agile and responsive to the needs of ASSM’s strata clients. ASSM ensures all our strata managers receive the training, guidance and support they need to act professionally and with integrity in all the dealings with our portfolio of clients.

“As a committee, we were very confident with ASSM from the start. Their communication has always been fast, responsive and professional and has remained that way for the past six years. The strata manager, Rebecca, has been our manager from day one and has always been a consistent and reliable point of contact. The team has always been on call and attended to issues quickly and professionally,” says Kevin.

Prior to joining ASSM, the strata scheme was in a complex legal dispute with the developer over a number of building defects. The issues had been ongoing without a resolution.

“We were experiencing a legal issue with the building developer over a number of defects. ASSM and Rebecca’s support through the process of getting these issues rectified was outstanding. It is a little daunting going into battle with a developer; however, ASSM had all the necessary experience, documentation and professional advice. They ‘held our hand’ throughout the legal proceedings and the dispute was resolved positively. We could not have managed such a successful outcome without their assistance.

Overall we highly recommend ASSM. Their communication is first class, their attention to detail is excellent and their follow up strategies ensure we know where things are at any given time.”

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Our strata management services are the most professional and comprehensive available in Australia. We offer our services throughout New South Wales with mobile and experienced strata managers who know the industry inside out. Resolving legal issues such as Kevin’s and our focus on timely and professional communication are just a few reasons owners corporations turn to ASSM for their strata management needs.  We make it our promise to communicate reliably and timely, offering you a stress-free experience.

ASSM’s expertise in the relevant strata management acts in New South Wales is critical to the successful management of strata management schemes. Don’t leave your legal obligations to chance – employ professional oversight and protect the integrity of your strata scheme.

Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion. You’ll notice the difference from the very first call.

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How ASSM’s expertise helped our residential scheme client

“As a committee, we were very confident with ASSM from the start. Their communication has always been fast, responsive and professional.”

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