How to choose a strata manager

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Whether you’re embarking on a first-time strata scheme journey or you’re unsatisfied with your existing strata manager, the question on your mind is clear – how to choose a strata manager? And it’s a good question. Not all strata managers are equal. Many strata schemes find themselves in search of that elusive ideal partner in property management.

Some of the primary reasons for considering a change in strata managers include subpar communication and service, and unjustifiable fee increases. At All Suburbs Strata Management, we receive over 90% of our clients through referrals, a testament to our knowledge, experience and commitment to delivering exceptional service.

When conducting your search for a strata manager, you’ll want to evaluate various criteria, including qualifications, expertise, communication skills and proficiency in conflict resolution. Here, we offer our best advice to streamline the selection process.

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Qualifications and expertise

At ASSM, our team of strata managers is not only highly qualified but also committed to ongoing professional development. We continuously update our certifications and provide educational opportunities, including leadership courses. Our expertise is built upon decades of experience, and we actively promote continuous growth. When searching for a strata manager, the combination of expertise and the right qualifications is essential. To ascertain that a strata manager possesses these qualities, you can read their feedback, reviews and testimonials.

A strata manager familiar with the region is also likely to have high-quality, reliable connections with contractors, maintenance providers and service professionals.

Speaking of finances, a strata manager with a robust financial background brings a significant advantage. Their responsibilities encompass managing tax returns, budgets, expenses, financial reports and levy collections. Financial management serves as the cornerstone of your strata scheme’s overall well-being.

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Services and communication

The role of a strata manager is multifaceted and integral to the smooth operation, financial stability and compliance of complex schemes. Appointed by the owners corporation, they oversee the daily management, handling administrative responsibilities such as preparing for annual general meetings (AGMs), distributing agendas and meeting minutes and filing insurance claims. Managing these intricacies effectively demands extensive experience and exceptional communication skills.

Responsiveness and the ability to manage emergency situations are paramount, as they directly concern the safety and protection of both residents and property.

Leading strata managers also benefit from cutting-edge administrative systems and technologies, enabling them to make informed decisions, act decisively and cultivate enduring client relationships.

Finally, the strata manager plays a pivotal role in nurturing harmony within the strata community. Hence, they must have training and experience in effective conflict and dispute resolution, given the various forms disputes can take. The key is to have resolution procedures that prioritise process over emotion.

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We are not just experts in residential, community, commercial and industrial strata schemes. At ASSM, we assist numerous developers in preparing for registration and provide strata reports and inspections.

We will ensure your strata scheme runs as smoothly as possible. When considering buying into a strata scheme or wanting to engage a professional and qualified team, contact ASSM today and experience the difference that 35 years of successful strata management will make.

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