Community Strata Management

Community schemes in New South Wales are varied and often complex. ASSM’s 40 years of proven success in neighbourhood and community strata management is the reason so many turn to us.

Residential neighborhood subdivision

Community and neighbourhood strata schemes are not all the same

Community and neighbourhood strata schemes cover a variety of public use zones. These include swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms, parklands, wetlands, native forests and roads. Additionally, there are community schemes across New South Wales that take in hotels, resorts, vineyards, golf courses and rural lifestyle allotments as well as gated and themed communities where housing style is a by-law of the scheme.

There are no standard by-laws under the Community Land Management Act. As an interpretive piece of legislation, it allows for a great deal of variation.

ASSM has extensive experience in community and neighbourhood strata management, and it is critical that these schemes have expert management to ensure the integrity and intended purpose are maintained and advanced successfully.

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Ensuring your community strata scheme runs as it should

Community and neighbourhood strata schemes accommodate many individuals, all with their own ideas and agendas. It is incumbent on the owners corporation to formulate the visual aesthetics, repairs and maintenance, safety, issues relating to animals, garbage collection, landscaping and other required agreements into a set of by-laws that are realistic and inclusive.

An owners corporation can rarely achieve the smooth and professional management of a community or neighbourhood strata without the oversight and governance capabilities of an experienced strata management team.

At ASSM, our specialist and licensed strata managers have the expertise and support of superior administrative structures to ensure your community or neighbourhood strata scheme runs as it should.

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Resolving difficult situations

It is essential for community and neighbourhood owners corporations to have a trained and experienced mediator to assist with resolving difficult situations. The ambiguous nature of the Community Land Management Act can lead to vague interpretations of roles and responsibilities, and ‘who is responsible for what’ is a common theme within these schemes. Even with an agreed list of by-laws governing the scheme, conflicts and disagreements do occur.

ASSM has the expertise to mediate successful resolutions that comply with existing by-laws and compliance regulations for the welfare of the community.

Gated condominium building

Financial management is essential

Community and neighbourhood strata schemes are complex. The level of responsibility for external facilities – including fencing, gates and external infrastructure – means that strata schemes require robust and carefully budgeted financial plans. Experienced and qualified financial and administrative management ensures the owners corporation can meet its financial and insurance obligations.

ASSM has 40 years of community strata financial management. Our systems utilise the latest in tailored, legally compliant and secure technology and digital financial tools.

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ASSM community and neighbourhood strata managers are expert, licensed and highly experienced in all aspects of strata management. Mobile and highly responsive, our team members deliver exceptional customer service and professional and qualified advice.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Our clients stay with All Suburbs Strata Management for several reasons. We think it is because we work hard every day to ensure our clients don’t need to.

How ASSM’s expertise helped our residential scheme client

“As a committee, we were very confident with ASSM from the start. Their communication has always been fast, responsive and professional.”

How ASSM does the heavy lifting for a strata committee member

“We have been with ASSM for the past four years. I have been very impressed with the high standard of communication and service we have experienced.”

Complex strata management that simplifies the process for our client

“I have found that I can voice my concerns, and the team at All Suburbs will take them seriously and help find a solution that works for everyone.”