What's the difference between a building manager and a strata manager?

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In the context of shared living spaces, the roles of a building manager and a strata manager are important, yet often confused. While a building manager specialises in the maintenance and upkeep of common property, the strata manager takes charge of all day-to-day administrative management matters concerning the shared property.

It’s understandable that there is some confusion surrounding both roles as there are areas of overlap and similarity.

For example, both building managers and strata managers need to be familiar with local building codes, regulations and laws.

However, strata managers typically have additional obligations pertaining to compliance with specific strata legislation and by-laws.

Similarly, both roles involve frequent interaction with stakeholders, although the stakeholders involved differ slightly. Building managers regularly engage with individual tenants to address their concerns and resolve issues. On the other hand, strata managers primarily collaborate with the owners corporation, serving as a liaison between the property owners and the management of the shared property.

The role of the building manager

A building manager has diverse responsibilities encompassing asset management, maintenance and communication. They create and maintain the asset register and preventative maintenance schedule while also issuing work orders and coordinating repairs for any common property. Additionally, building managers serve as the on-site point of contact for owners, residents and contractors.

Periodically, building managers conduct inspections of the common property to monitor its condition and identify any violations of by-laws.

These inspections are vital for maintaining the property in good condition and adhering to rules and regulations. Furthermore, building managers play a crucial role in compliance by coordinating certifications for various aspects such as lifts, swimming pools, fire protection systems and more.

Building managers also handle the registration of property entry and access devices, such as keys, key cards, swipes and remotes. If the common property has a building noticeboard, the building manager will also keep this information current. Another important aspect of their role is maintaining accurate records of costs and expenditure related to contractors authorised by the owners corporation.

The role of the strata manager

A licensed strata manager is appointed by the owners corporation to support the daily management of complex strata schemes with diverse common areas like gyms, pools, car parks and recreational facilities. They play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operation, financial stability and compliance with governing laws.

They handle administrative duties including preparing the annual budget and for AGMs, distributing agendas and meeting minutes, arranging payment of invoices and issuing strata levy notices on behalf of the owners corporation, dealing with insurance claims and ensuring the proper and accurate management of expenses.

Strata managers are also adept at dispute resolution and staying up-to-date with the latest legislation to ensure compliance within the strata scheme. They possess a comprehensive understanding of the governing laws and regulations, allowing them to provide informed guidance on by-laws and effectively allowing the owners corporation to enforce them when necessary. By proactively addressing conflicts and promoting adherence to the established rules, strata managers foster a harmonious living environment that benefits all residents.

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