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The best strata management firms are great administrators, excellent communicators and put their client’s interests first. Buying into a residential, community, commercial or industrial strata should be a sound investment. Involvement in residential strata schemes has become increasingly popular.

As the residential housing market remains volatile and interest rates remain unpredictable, strata schemes are a safe choice for investors, owner-occupiers and those looking to downsize.

Any investment requires professional management, and when buying into a strata scheme of any sort, a professional strata manager will make the difference to ensuring your strata scheme is properly managed, is safe and complies with the New South Wales state regulations for strata schemes.

Why is a good strata manager important?

Most investors and property owners know a fair amount about buying property. However, strata schemes are different and involve additional stakeholders and added layers of compliance and responsibilities to buying a single titled property.

Some strata schemes do self-manage. This often falls to one well-meaning individual who you couldn’t expect to be across all the requirements of the strata management act, have access to a network of trades, training, a thorough understanding of the Strata Hub, be suitably qualified to deal with dispute resolutions, financial management and reporting, and have the required level of compliance and regulatory oversight needed to manage the complexities of the strata scheme successfully.

Quality strata management requires an experienced and independent team that can coordinate all the moving parts, ensure they manage the scheme with professional oversight, react quickly in emergencies, resolve disputes amicably and be across the financial, insurance, compliance and regulatory requirements that are critical to safeguarding the property, its owners, tenants and the public.

Why choose All Suburbs Strata Management?

Whether you are new to strata schemes or are looking to change strata managers, getting the best possible advice and service from your strata manager on your individual needs is essential. Not all strata schemes are the same, and the by-laws, common property, facilities and financial management will vary depending on the scheme’s size and constitution.

ASSM has over 40 years of specialised strata management expertise servicing New South Wales. We are large enough to provide rock-solid stability and small enough to ensure old-fashioned service and build long-lasting relationships.

We are not all about the numbers. Maintaining our customers comes from putting their interests first, which is what we do.

We have a full suite of seasoned professionals covering every facet of strata management. Administration and financial experts, property maintenance and trade networks, compliance and regulatory specialists, and a team of experienced and professional strata managers who are 100% mobile.

At ASSM we are not just experts in residential, community, commercial and industrial strata schemes. We assist numerous developers in preparing for registration, provide strata reports and inspections and assist customers with the registration on the Strata Hub.

We are one of New South Wales’ most trusted strata management firms.

It is our job at ASSM to ensure your strata scheme runs as smoothly as possible. When you are thinking of buying into a strata scheme or want to engage a professional and qualified team, contact ASSM today and experience the difference that 40 years of successful strata management will make.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

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We are compliance and administration experts, relationship builders and proactive problem solvers.

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