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Problem Solvers in All Suburbs

With a focus on communication and excellence, our long-standing team of strata professionals are hands-on problem solvers. Operating in all suburbs of the Greater Sydney region and throughout New South Wales, our personalised and mobile approach ensures we retain the mantle as the strata management firm with the highest reputation for client satisfaction, integrity and professionalism.

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Our Areas of Expertise

All Suburbs Strata Management is a specialist manager across all strata portfolios. Residential, community, commercial and industrial, our expertise is built on longevity, advanced systems, prompt communication and client services that set new benchmarks in the strata management industry.


Units, villas and townhouses can all form part of an owners corporation. Our strata managers possess high-level expertise in the intricacies and legalities of residential strata management.


Community strata scheme legislation can be grey. Skilled, professional community strata management requires expertise, knowledge and highly developed negotiation skills.


Commercial strata management requires a steady hand, a professional approach and highly skilled managers who know the ins and outs of commercial strata schemes.


When your strata scheme includes factories and other industrial buildings, you need ASSM’s industrial strata management expertise: legal, compliance and financial structures that work.

Our Strata Management Services

We offer a portfolio of strata management services unparalleled in the industry. Drilling down to the needs and demands, our managers have fine-tuned their professional approach to ensure all services are delivered with the utmost professionalism, aptitude and integrity.


Strata repairs and maintenance can be stressful for owners corporations. We have quick access to trades to maintain the safety and appearance of your strata scheme.


We use proven and transparent financial management strategies that offer all members peace of mind and financial assurance.


Before committing to a strata, it is critical to obtain a detailed strata inspection report. We arrange a comprehensive and documented inspection of the strata’s financial and building positions.


We ensure developers have a thorough preparation strategy. Our strata services for developers include by-laws, regulations, budgeting, insurance and common property advice.


We have a team of long-term strata management professionals with a knack for achieving resolutions that satisfy all parties and ensure the smooth running of any strata scheme.


ASSM is an expert in all four acts covering strata schemes. We regularly update any amendments that impact your compliance and legislative responsibilities.

Our Clients' Feedback

“Professional and transparent! Quick response to any queries, several quotes supplied for any work required and all work is signed off by the Strata Executive before commencing. Our strata has run so much better since engaging with All Suburbs Strata!”

Jacqui Fry

“Branis is an excellent strata property manager who deals with strata issues promptly and gives good advice and service. She deals with the management side of strata property issues and running of the complexes in a professional and courteous manner and gets issues resolved promptly.” 

Zeljko Petkovic

“We have been with ASSM for a few years now. Whenever we’ve had an issue with the building, the strata management team was on it straight away and would get the job done. I highly recommend ASSM!”

Aleksandar Cagorski

“I have worked for a real estate company for 20 years and deal often with strata companies. I would like to thank Lisa Killeen of All Suburbs Strata Management for the professional and prompt manner in which she dealt with my urgent dilemma. I cannot thank her enough.”

Vicki Downey

“Great service. I would highly recommend ASSM. Our block was a catastrophe before we signed up with ASSM and they’re turning it around really well.”

David Gentle

“Henry at All Suburbs Strata Management has been fantastic for us. He’s professional, detailed and always in touch to update on issues and available to provide support. With particular issues we’ve had this year, he’s really gone above and beyond to resolve them. I would absolutely recommend.”

Mark Huts

Our Strata Managers Are Certified Experts Who Truly Care

Fostering an environment of care and trust is easy here; it is driven by the team. Caring for our clients and delivering exceptional customer service are the fundamental pillars that keep our managers ahead of the curve.

Relationship Management

We work hard to ensure everything we do deepens our client relationships for the long term.


Open, transparent and responsive. We’re always available when you need us. It’s our promise.


We stay the course. Our strata managers stay with us because of our culture.


We are across every touchpoint of residential, community, commercial and industrial strata schemes.


We treat every client professionally. It is the difference when you engage ASSM.


Honest, deliberate and actionable. We put our clients’ interests first and always deliver on our promises.

Case Studies - Proof of Exceptional Outcomes

Don’t just take our word for it. Our clients stay with All Suburbs Strata Management for several reasons. We think it is because we work hard every day to ensure our clients don’t need to.

How ASSM’s expertise helped our residential scheme client

“As a committee, we were very confident with ASSM from the start. Their communication has always been fast, responsive and professional.”

How ASSM does the heavy lifting for a strata committee member

“We have been with ASSM for the past four years. I have been very impressed with the high standard of communication and service we have experienced.”

Complex strata management that simplifies the process for our client

“I have found that I can voice my concerns, and the team at All Suburbs will take them seriously and help find a solution that works for everyone.”

News & Articles

Keep up to date with all news, changes and innovation taking place in the strata management industry. Our team prides itself on leading the industry and keeping clients ahead of curve.

A full summary of the changes to strata scheme laws made in 2023

On December 11, 2023, the NSW Government implemented significant changes to existing strata laws aimed at creating a fairer and more transparent system following extensive public consultation. Here is our comprehensive overview of the key changes.

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How to prevent mould in your strata home this winter

Mould not only damages property but also poses serious health risks, including respiratory issues and allergies. As temperatures drop and rainfall and humidity rise, it’s time to learn how to prevent your strata home from becoming its training ground.

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Strata management in Sydney for every building type

Sydney is home to vibrant urban landscapes and diverse architectural styles. From sleek high-rise apartments to sprawling community complexes, effective, experienced strata management is essential in handling the distinct needs of varying building types.

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